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Who Qualified for Qatar 2022?

It’s only a year away before we witness the grand opening of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. However, the roster for the 32 qualified teams that will compete for the championship title is yet to be completed.

Here are some of the fortunate national sides who have made it into the cut so far.


Qatar is the host nation for the current edition of the FIFA World Cup, this is why it is so fitting that they have been granted an automatic slot in the final competition. Despite the controversies surrounding the event, Coach Felix Sanchez’s squad remains deserving to be part of the qualified teams.


Joaquim Low’s side is the first team to qualify for Qatar, and the journey so far is not easy for them. Also, 2022 seems to be an unfortunate year for them due to the impending departure of the team’s veteran players.


The Danes were very impressive in their performance in the semis of the European Championship. However, the absence of Christian Eriksen might hurt their chances to top in the World Cup finals.


The Seleção has cruised through the CONMEBOL qualifiers with ease. Although most of the work rests upon Neymar’s shoulder, the team has other incredible talents.


It is no surprise that the current defending champion has made it into the qualification process. Along with an incredible form, well-organized talents, and an incredible coach – Kylian Mbappe is the youngest goal-scorer in Europe.


The Red Devils are considered by the FIFA world ranking as the number 1 national team. Belgium’s status in the World Cup is good so far, as long as they keep their defensive tactics in play.


Croatia is an exciting edition to the World Cup final tournaments. Their win against Russia is very decisive and it is an indicator of a team with strong potential.


Luis Enrique’s team is definitely a staple in the finals of major tournaments. The Spanish side is like a well-oiled machine, sprinkled with powerful members and technical precision.


Serbia put on a surprising twist when they defeated the formidable Portugal in the qualifying rounds. The Eagles serve as a threat to any qualified teams, as the squad is composed of skillful athletes from the major leagues in Europe.


The position of The Three Lions in the World Cup remains strong. Gareth Southgate’s team is definitely hungry to win a championship title. Their ever-expanding list of impressive talent can sustain them for years to come.


The journey of the Swiss team in the World Cup is breezy. Even though the team’s array of talent is smaller compared to European powerhouses. Switzerland’s surprising addition to the finals is an incredible feat.


The Dutch had a remarkable spell in the qualifiers lately, despite the team’s absence in the last two editions of the World Cup.


The pressure to give Lionel Messi his first World Cup win is bubbling lately. Despite having a sluggish start, Lionel Scaloni’s side skyrocketed to the qualifiers with finesse.

Surely, Argentina’s victory in Copa America has broken the curse of Messi’s lack of international championship title, but winning the cream of the crop is definitely a highlight of his career.

It seems so bittersweet for many fans that the 2022 World Cup could be Messi’s swan song before he retires from his career as a player.


So far, the teams that made it into the final tournament have their own respective strengths and weaknesses. What we can only expect is that the current edition of the World Cup is definitely an exciting marvel to witness.

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